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Peter Reed
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Changing Careers in a post Covid-19 job market

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author:by Peter Reed

​Peter Reed explains why he chose to re-train as a Recruitment Consultant in a post Covid-19 job market.

"The professional landscape has finally begun to heal after a very tough year and while there are issues, to put it bluntly… it’s better off. The whole environment’s awash with changed perspectives, new ambitions and adapted priorities. The normally daunting task of finding a new job has taken on a fresh appearance in and of itself which is largely thanks to the drastic changes we’ve seen in a post COVID-19 job market.

All businesses are adapting to new far-reaching ways of working. You’re no longer limited to companies within your postcode or along the nearest bus route. Working for a great company that’s previously been out of your reach has never been easier. It’s undeniable that the idea of working from home, even a few days a week, is nothing but a plus. This new more agile way of working certainly aided my recent job search.​

Those currently looking to switch jobs have a real advantage​

I moved into recruitment after years in the merchant navy, where I had become an officer. Following several months at sea I was thrust immediately into lockdown in March 2020. My priorities might not have changed if I hadn't gone straight from one form of isolation to another.

But as it happened, I did. Afterwards I wanted to take a leap into a completely different industry. That excitement was enhanced thanks to the completely refreshed and reinvigorated possibilities of working life. The excitement for companies to return to work following the pandemic was palpable during my personal job search, and no doubt you’ll see it for yourself as you take up interviews at hungry, expanding companies.

The general positivity underlying business markets at the moment means those currently looking to switch jobs have a real advantage. Whether you’re looking to move into tech, sales, marketing, HR or finance (and indeed many other sectors) they’re all looking to put the events of the pandemic behind them and take strides towards a brighter 2021. I saw this first hand when joining NRG back in March. It’s a well-known, exceptionally regarded company within the recruitment sector. Speaking to them revealed a tenacious, refreshing understanding of how things can be better going forward. They, and others, understand that pro-active people from other industries are now looking for a change. They are newly trained and expanding their professional horizons.

This all follows a dark period of isolation that nevertheless allowed for free time, and for the proactive, considered professional development. As a result, there's sure to be a surplus of passionate, driven and heavily tailored prospective employees for a lot of great companies such as NRG. That is one major positive that can be taken from the pandemic.​

Remote working has become not just a bonus, but an expectation​

This has all been even more evident within the tech sector. The landscape has fundamentally changed. Remote working is not just a bonus, but an expectation. It’s evident that the industry is going through a major change which will no doubt make it a more attractive industry to anyone looking for a new role. The tech recruitment specialists I work with at NRG are predicting a huge boom in business. Most of all, this surplus of newly trained, newly attracted professionals looking for challenging, flexible and rewarding careers is creating a buzz.

So, if you are looking for a career change there’s never been a better time… getting help from NRG definitely wouldn’t hurt either."