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When Is It Time to Consider Outsourcing Your Recruitment with RPO?

  • Publish Date: Posted 27 days ago
  • Author:by Dean Durrant

High employee turnover is a clear indicator that your current recruitment strategies may not be as effective as they could be. This not only affects your company culture but also incurs significant costs. Outsourcing your recruitment to an RPO provider can help you better understand and address the root causes of attrition. It’s not just about finding the right people – it's about keeping them. An RPO provider will strategically align your Talent Value Proposition (TVP) with the ever-evolving expectations of top talent, ensuring a candidate experience that seamlessly reflects your company's core values. This harmonisation between your employer brand and the reality of the recruitment process cultivates a compelling and authentic narrative, attracting and retaining the best candidates who resonate with your organisation's mission and culture.

High Turnover Rates

The cornerstone of any successful organisation is the quality of its people. If you find that the quality of new hires is inconsistent, or that new employees aren’t meeting performance expectations, it could indicateproblems in your recruitment process. An RPO provider can comprehensively evaluate your end-to-end recruitment process, ensuring it is tailored to identify candidates possessing the relevant skills and behaviours for each role. Equally, an RPO provider will have robust metrics in place to continuously evaluate, measure, and optimise your recruitment process. This data-driven approach allows for insightful feedback, enabling you to refine your candidate assessment strategies and ensure a seamless talent acquisition pipeline that consistently attracts and secures top-tier candidates aligned with your business objectives. 

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Quality of Hire is Inconsistent

When your organisation is growing, the pressure to scale your workforce to meet demand becomes critical. However, rapid expansion often outpaces the capacity of in-house recruitment teams. If you’re noticing that your current team is struggling to fill roles quickly enough to keep up with the pace of growth, it’stime to consider an RPO solution. RPO providers are equipped to scale their services up or down, ensuring your talent acquisition strategy aligns perfectly with your growth phase.They can rapidly attract and engage a pool of talented candidates, leveraging streamlined application processes to fill roles swiftly and efficiently while meeting the surging demand. 

You’re Experiencing Rapid Growth

Here are some scenarios that may help you decide if it’s time to consider a new recruitment model:

Attracting top talent is of paramount importance for businesses. But with the complexities and demands of recruitment continuously evolving, many organisations find themselves overwhelmed. When is the right time to consider outsourcing your recruitment? What options are available, and what does it mean to leave your hiring to a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) organisation?

At NRG, we understand that finding the right Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner is crucial for your organisation's success. That's why our RPO business Greenbean offers volume and project recruitment services as well as talent advisory services that can fit hiring needs of all shapes and sizes. 

Difficulty in Accessing Talent Pools

In most industries, the battle for top talent is fierce. If your organisation struggles to tap into critical talent pools or niche skill sets, it's a strong indicator to consider leveraging the expertise of an RPO provider. With their extensive relationships across a broad range of job boards, data-driven insights, and economies of scale, RPO partners can unlock access to passive candidates and specialised talent communities that might otherwise be challenging to reach independently.

Committed to helping businesses foster a diverse and inclusive workforce, an RPO provider implements comprehensive initiatives to broaden the talent pool and ensure accessibility remains a priority. 

Costs Are Spiralling

Recruitment costs can quickly spiral out of control, especially if your processes are inefficient or if you're heavily reliant on agencies. An RPO solution can provide a more cost-effective approach by streamlining your recruitment process, leveraging economies of scale, and reducing dependency on external agencies. The cost of replacing members of your team is significant, so an RPO provider can reduce costs-per-hire while ensuring quality. They're able to work within a defined budget to source the best talent for your business. Moreover, an RPO provider can work with your preferred external agencies to onboard them as suppliers, aligning costs, driving efficiency, and measuring performance to keep track of expenditure and ensure it remains within budget.

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Your HR Team is Overburdened

If your HR team is consistently overburdened with recruitment tasks, their ability to focus on strategic HR initiatives that drive employee engagement, foster a positive workplace culture, and support professional growth opportunities diminishes, potentially stifling your organisation's growth. By outsourcing recruitment to a Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider – specialists trained in the latest tools, techniques, and up-to-date market insights – you can ensure an efficient talent acquisition process. This strategic division of responsibilities allows your internal HR team to concentrate on core functions such as people strategy, health & wellbeing, learning and development, and organisational development. Meanwhile, the RPO team works as an extension of your HR department, optimising recruitment efforts to attract top talent that aligns with your business objectives,ultimately cultivating a thriving workforce.


Recognising the right time to partner with an RPO provider is a strategic decision that can transform your recruitment approach and propel your organisation forward. Our RPO business Greenbean specialises in delivering tailored recruitment process outsourcing services, from volume and project recruitment solutions to insightful talent advisory services. By understanding your unique challenges and aspirations, Greenbean can craft bespoke solutions that not only meet your immediate recruitment needs but also support your long-term business objectives.

To elevate your talent acquisition strategy, and ensure your organisation thrives in the competitive business landscape, Greenbean can guide your journey towards recruitment excellence. Get in touch with our team here to get started.