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Our Guide to Vetting & Pre-Employment Screening

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 months ago
  • Author:by Julie Mordue

In today's fast-paced world, the spotlight on the authenticity of qualifications and career histories is more intense than ever. Businesses are at a crossroads, grappling with the challenge of cultivating a trustworthy and competent workforce amidst the growing trend of CV embellishment and qualification fraud. Recent insights from CIFAS shed light on this escalating issue, revealing an increase in false qualifications, which threatens not just the operational success of companies but their reputation and adherence to industry regulations as well.

The Rising Threat of CV Fraud and Qualification Embellishment

The ease of fabricating qualifications or padding out a CV in the digital era cannot be understated. CIFAS reports an uptick in false qualifications, where individuals are emboldened to overstate their academic and professional achievements. In fact, 16% of respondents felt it was ‘reasonable’ to falsify their qualifications on an employment application, with 21% admitting they had done so – or knew someone who had – within the last 12 months. This alarming trend does more than just undermine the fairness of recruitment processes; it exposes companies to potential fraud, performance issues, and legal challenges.

Greenbean's Approach to Safeguarding Your Team

Greenbean, our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) business, understands that the strength of your team lies in its integrity and reliability. Each business has unique requirements when it comes to vetting and pre-employment screening, and they understand the importance of tailoring our services to meet your specific needs, providing a solid foundation for verifying the credentials of your potential hires. Alarmingly, 37% of people said they would not report their colleagues if they discovered they had lied on their CVs. Through exhaustive background checks, qualification validations, and employment history reviews, the team help you to significantly lower the risks tied to recruitment fraud.

Greenbean’s vetting and pre-employment screening services include, but are not limited to:

  • Right-to-Work Verification

  • UK and international Criminal Record Checks

  • Credit, and sanctions

  • DVLA

  • Education and employment verification

  • Professional qualification and memberships validation

  • Gap analysis resolution

  • Address validation

  • Drug and alcohol screening

  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Check

  • Gap analysis

The Value of Expertise

Entrusting Greenbean with your vetting and pre-employment screening not only fortifies your recruitment strategy but also alleviates the workload on your HR department. This adeptness at navigating the complexities of background verifications translates into a smooth, efficient, and thorough screening process. This allows you to build a team that is not only proficient but also genuinely aligned with your company's values and goals.

The Future of Recruitment Verification

The surge in CV fraud and the fabrication of qualifications underline the indispensable need for stringent vetting and pre-employment screening measures. Greenbean’s tailored services are designed to confront these challenges head-on, ensuring a recruitment journey that's both secure and transparent. In partnering with our RPO business Greenbean, you not only protect your organisation from the hazards of hiring fraud but also reinforce your commitment to maintaining a high standard of integrity and excellence with every new hire.

As the recruitment landscape continues to evolve with the widespread influence of AI, the importance of meticulous pre-employment screening has never been more crucial. Let NRG and Greenbean guide your business towards a future where you can hire with confidence and peace of mind.