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International Women's Day - The Power Of Female Inspiration 

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Georgina Thornton-Brown

​This is a time to reflect. Being a woman in the professional field can present us with many hurdles – from not being taken seriously to your male counterpart being chosen. To be this woman takes a strong individual who must build herself up. To do so we must look at our role models around us, who inspires you? Your mother, your boss, your favourite celebrity? We are always surrounded by an inspiring women. These individuals have skills and attributes we can all learn from – men included.

 Starting a new career can often be scary however for me, NRG bridged this gap. I am seen as an equal to my male colleagues and never made to feel less able in my role. Something all women should feel, empowered! This is why picking the right workplace makes a huge difference in your development into the woman others will inspire you to be. That’s what NRG are here to do – help you find the right place for you to flourish in your career but also find the right people to work alongside.

 Working in recruitment means I speak to so many inspiring women every day and there is always something to learn from everyone’s story. Alongside this, I get to see what the recruitment market is like and women are taking it by storm. More and more women are pushing their career prospects and exploring ways that can achieve this. I love helping these women achieve their career goals and move up the corporate ladder. That is what I and the rest of NRG are here to do.

 International Women’s Day is something we should all celebrate. It’s a time to uplift the women around us. Tell that woman how well they are doing, and what they do to inspire you and think about how you can learn from them. We can all learn from the inspiring women around us in both professional and casual settings.

 In conclusion, NRG Recruitment is setting an example for other companies by promoting gender diversity in the workplace. By investing in the development of its female employees, promoting women to leadership positions, and actively seeking out female candidates for open positions, NRG Recruitment is creating a workplace culture that supports and empowers women. As more companies recognize the importance of gender diversity in the workforce, we can look forward to a future where women have equal opportunities to succeed and thrive in all sectors of the economy.