Academy Acquisition Manager

Location: Birmingham

Salary: £60,000 + OTE

Job ID: 165738


  • Undertakes the necessary tasks involved in recruitment and selection of new Academy Partners such as initial prospecting, interviews, marketing and financial presentations.

  • Undertakes and searches for new sources of potential Academy Partners, ensuring effective relationships are built on trust, credibility and rapport, and positive impact is established from the outset with potential Partners.

  • Develops the quality of relationship to a level where the prospective Academy Partner decides to join St. James’s Place, given they satisfy corporate criteria.

  • Works with the Selection Manager and other members of the local FMT for approximately six to 12 months to ensure that a process exists for inducting the new Partner to St. James’s Place to maximise success and profitability. Identifies possible problems and implements solutions where required.

  • Ensures that appropriate processes as prescribed by the Company are followed to enable all recruitment and selection to be undertaken in a controlled and professional manner, thus maintaining the image and reputation of St. James’s Place and the Partnership.

  • Ensures that the quality of potential Academy Partners continues to meet pre-defined minimum standards and consistently match the high quality and approach sought by St. James’s Place. Works with Partnership Recruitment to uphold these minimum standards and high quality approach.

  • Maintains and develops knowledge of the industry and the marketplace to enhance recruitment efforts, maintaining local intelligence of potential recruitment pool.

  • Achieves set targets for Acquisition Quality Credits as agreed with Academy Director.

  • Responsible for following our values and principles of treating our clients fairly (being both our internal (Partner) clients and external clients). Ensures all areas of day-to-day business activities include (where appropriate):


    • Making decisions with clients’ best interests in mind

    • Creating processes that meet the needs of our clients efficiently and effectively

    • Using documents that are clear, easy to understand and avoid jargon

    • Keeping clients suitably informed within appropriate timescales

    • Giving suitable advice which takes account of clients’ circumstances

    • Carrying out all business with integrity and professionalism.




Legal and Regulatory Responsibilities

  • Ensures that adequate mechanisms are in place to enable all processes and procedures required by Risk to be implemented on a consistent basis.

  • Works with the Selection Manager to ensure that the requirements of the Academy Partner Development Programme are fully implemented with new members of the Partnership.

  • Ensures that appropriate processes are in place to identify and monitor all significant risks arising within area of responsibility.




  • Leads, communicates and uses interpersonal skills to motivate, inspire and position the
    St. James’s Place proposition to potential Academy Partners in the most appropriate way, introducing colleagues such as the Head of Business, the Selection Manager and the Development Manager to potential Partners to build trust and credibility.

  • Proactively manages the relationship with potential Partners so that St. James’s Place is seen in a positive light and that sales opportunities are maximised.

  • Maintains a close relationship with potential Partners during transition period through regular updates and review meetings. Continues the working relationship beyond that period as appropriate, to aid referral prospects in the future.

  • As a member of the Field Management Team, contributes to the advancement of Partner and Field Management related policies and procedures.


For further information please contact Sarah Minto at NRG by phone on 0191 260 4448 or by email at