RPO & Recruitment Partnership models deliver recruitment plans in totality or on a project-by-project basis. Both provide fully account managed services that strengthen existing business capabilities and support growth.

Key drivers in the decision to partner with NRG are typically aligned to the challenges faced by organisations in identifying and engaging the right talent in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.

Why consider a partnerships model?  

  • You need to focus on core business
  • Your current recruitment model is no longer effective
  • Quality of candidates is becoming a challenge
  • You are not easily identifiable as an Employer of Choice

Any one of these reasons will restrict your opportunity to grow.

Measuring a successful partnership

Tangible measures will be evident as a result of change, all aligned to pre-agreed service level agreements, and are likely to include:

  • Reduced time to hire and minimal business downtime
  • Positive experience for hiring managers
  • Positive candidate experience
  • Candidates who meet the criteria
  • Enhanced market intelligence and technical expertise
  • Improving Employer Brand recognition
  • Improved retention
  • Overall cost efficiency and value
  • Greater flexibility in the resourcing model
  • Transparency in cost model

NRG has delivered successful recruitment solutions for more than three decades. We are passionate about positive experiences and outcomes and have the capacity and capability to deliver bespoke solutions for business, whether they are hiring for 30 or 300 people.