Temporary Recruitment

Temporary staffing is a significant factor in the UK workforce. In excess of one million temporary workers are engaged on assignments with businesses at any given time, and are highly valued in the contribution they make to business.

For businesses with seasonal trends, the flexibility of temporary agency workers is essential to meet productivity and business outputs and enables organisations to plan costs effectively, with the rise in output being supported by a seasonal labour cost as opposed to an annual cost increase.

The need for temporary staffing is a varied, as is the range of skills and roles that temporary workers are engaged to deliver.   Holiday and absence cover, maternity cover, short term projects, unplanned increase in work or an approach to maintaining percentage of the workforce as temporary staffing. Whatever the need, the business can take confidence in a service from NRG that is responsive to your needs and provides:

  • High quality temporary staffing
  • Robustness in recruitment process , eligibility checks and vetting
  • Models and processes to ensure compliance on AWR
  • A service that ensures excellent candidate care

The temporary workforce is by nature, transitory. For many workers the opportunity of temporary assignments provides the often needed breadth of work experience to facilitate securing permanent job, whilst for others temporary assignments provide the flexibility in work life balance and other interests. At a senior level and those with niche skills – working as Interims or Contractors fulfils the desire to deliver results, extend skill sets working on new projects, and develop a wider personal profile of capability. NRG temporary workers can expect regular work with major employers in the regions we operate, compliance with AWR to ensure good rates of pay, easy to use timesheet systems and ongoing contact with your consultant.