There is an increasing demand for high calibre applicants who are highly trained and technically educated in the scientific marketplace. Vacancies tend to require highly specialised skillsets and experience relating to the company or industry.

In such a specialised market, it is essential that consultants have excellent technical understanding in order to fully appreciate a candidate’s needs and background. NRG’s scientific recruitment team offers a balance of qualified scientists with hands-on laboratory experience and consultants with recruitment expertise. This combination optimises the search for the most sought after candidates in the arena.

We work with highly skilled individuals across the science sector including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, chemical and environmental industries, supporting scientific research, manufacturing and development. Our candidates hold a combination of recognised qualifications, experience and demonstrable achievement.

Our clients range from large corporates to small-scale start ups, whether they are working on temporary, permanent or contract recruitment projects. We work as a trusted and consultative partner of these scientific employers, providing the necessary technical knowledge to effectively manage each assignment. Our aim is to reduce scientific recruitment costs for our clients and save significant time in sourcing the highly skilled, technical candidates required.