Inclusion and Website Accessibility

Modern recruitment processes now rely heavily on technology and digital processes, especially during the pandemic. This will likely continue as more companies lean on the digital landscape to find, attract and recruit new people.

This is true of the entire candidate journey. The attraction stage – first advertising a job online – through to onboarding – navigating companies’ internal digital infrastructures.

Therefore, website accessibility is a matter of inclusivity. However, many would-be applicants experience difficulty when researching and applying for jobs online.

For example, candidates who are visually impaired may struggle to read certain fonts and colours on the web. Neurodiverse candidates may struggle to process the flow of information if it doesn’t follow a logical order. Those who speak English as a second language may need translation assistance.

These are just a few examples of the digital barriers users face before ever moving to the application stage. For inclusive recruitment, the candidate journey must be considered through a lens of accessibility.

The latest Recite Me Careers and Recruitment Report looks at the type of digital barriers users face including website accessibility. Namely, who needs support online? What is the importance of inclusive recruitment? How can assistive technology support the candidate journey?

Download the report here.


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