Training in the hands of employees at Piramal Healthcare


Piramal Healthcare, Morpeth site is one-of-a-kind US FDA and UK MHRA approved facility offering integrated services across the pharmaceutical value chain. The site provides development and commercial manufacturing services to both Innovator and Generic firms.

At Piramal, employee development, training and education doesn’t start and end with 18-21 year olds. The on-going development of all staff is an important component of business operations for this global organisation.

Piramal Healthcare is on the verge of introducing a new approach to staff development with a model that is designed to be robust enough to stand the test of time. Based around the concept of ‘growing our own’, the framework is being designed to ensure talent is nurtured and developed, providing employees with visibility on training options, career development and salary banding; all of which help to create a happy workforce who strive towards a common goal.

This framework has become tangible through the use of Moodle, an open source platform which will help to make learning accessible and user friendly. This platform has been shaped to fit and adjust with the needs of the business, managing a repository of learning for all employees to access.
This system, offers multi-way intelligence that allows Piramal to manage and distribute learning interventions which support staff development. All training plans are specific to each department and match staff to appropriate training modules. Staff login to the online portal to determine routes to their chosen career, set goals and take part in on-going assessments at their own pace.

Key drivers in the introduction of this framework at Piramal, surround succession planning and the ability to assess where and when particular skills are needed within the business.

Piramal’s vision is that the framework will allow employees to quickly look at where they currently are within their career, where they would like to be and how to get there. This vision was created from the notion of allowing employees responsibility and control over their continuous professional development.

Lesley Whittle UK HR Director at Piramal Healthcare comments, “Our investment in Moodle surrounded growth of our own people. We wanted to invest in our staff and develop skills that are needed for our business. The training modules we offer ensure that our staff are trained to the highest standards whilst the Moodle platform will help us to identify and manage employees who may be suitable for new and existing roles. This is a true investment in our workforce and helps us to secure a very low rate of staff attrition”.

Chris Bone, Business Manager, NRG introduced Piramal Healthcare to the Manufacturers League: “Piramal’s employee engagement and training offering goes above and beyond standard requirements and sets an exceptionality example to the industry. At NRG we applaud and recognise their achievements and the best practice ideas which can be shared and utilised by other businesses operating in the industry”.