Support #LikeNoOther at NRG

Craig Stewart, Managing Consultant of our Accountancy and Finance division, talks of what attracted him to NRG and the career opportunities on offer in his team. If you join NRG as a recruitment consultant you’ll receive support #LikeNoOther

What is your role at NRG?

My role at NRG is to manage the finance division, looking after top to bottom finance, from transactional level to FDs, FCs and CFOs.  We cover the whole of the North East covering temporary and permanent recruitment.

What attracted you to join NRG?

The initial attraction was the brand name – you can see how well NRG are doing as a business and across the North East with a lot of big players signed up to our greenbean RPO service.  We’re also investing a lot of growth in the finance division, which is something I really want to be a big part of.

How have you found the level of support since joining NRG?

The level of support has been great – we have directors on hand if there’s any issues that need resolved or if you need to speak to them. There’s a level of autonomy that you don’t normally get in other agencies, if I need to do something, I can go ahead and do it knowing I have their full support.

What’s been the biggest personal benefit in joining NRG?

The biggest personal benefit has been working the top to bottom markets, from junior through to senior level.  We see these guys who want to start their career within finance and those who are going through their AAT.  We want to give them the best candidate journey and supply them with the best career options, and place them in the best jobs in and out of region.

What is your career passions and progression aspirations?

I’m very passionate about making NRG the ‘go to’ for finance recruitment; I want our names and brand to be synonymous with finance recruitment down the line. I’m very ambitious and want to progress and that was the main reason for joining NRG.  If I can move from management consultant into associate directorship further down the line – I will.

What are you looking for in potential candidates?

I’m looking for potential candidates who don’t necessarily have a recruitment background. We need someone who’s hungry, driven, with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit –  someone who can spot a business development opportunity and can think strategically about it.  We want someone who can grow the relationship with the client so that they are the ‘go to’ person and they are known as that recruiter who will fill that job.