Stand out from the crowd – 5 easy steps for jobseekers


1. Use your network – Understandably many first time jobseekers are keen to prove they are independent and can find work themselves, but with the tough market conditions the most important goal is finding the right job. It is important to use social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and most importantly LinkedIn – use this site to showcase your credentials and ask your contacts to provide recommendations – a personal endorsement will have more clout than a CV alone. Use your time wisely, attend industry events, and if you are a graduate make use of the alumni from your University.
2. Show your passion – Tell people how passionate you are about the type of job and industry you are keen to work in. Build an online presence to prove to employers that you are genuinely enthusiastic and interested in your chosen discipline – blog, tweet and share updates to highlight your knowledge.
3.Be familiar – According to psychologists, most employers will gravitate towards candidates who have built a rapport with them. Try to make yourself familiar to the people doing the hiring. The goal is to make your application that little bit more familiar to the people reading it.
4.Innovate with your CV – There are many applicants for each job so employers will consider many candidates. It is important to stand out by doing something innovative and different that will grab the recruiter’s attention. A great example of this might be inserting a QR code linking them to your LinkedIn profile, including a link to a blog, displaying relevant projects on your CV, talking about part-time or voluntary work, or including recommendations in your work history.
5.Customise your CV – Make sure your CV is relevant to each job and that you can demonstrate effectively that, you have the key skills they are looking for. For example if a job description mentions they are looking someone who is experienced in group work then make sure your CV demonstrates how you have successfully worked within a team in the past.


At NRG, we have consultants who are dedicated to specific industries and disciplines, for the latest tips on how to stand out from the crowd contact a representative at NRG.