The Northern Powerhouse a vision for the North East


This week, in a visit to the North East, David Cameron highlighted his allegiance to the “Northern Powerhouse”, a vision for the country which encompasses a thriving, prosperous and influential North of England.

In his address, Mr Cameron said there will be considerable investment to ensure that areas outside of London benefit from economic growth.

This includes better connections to cities in the North through high speed rail and motoring upgrades and investment in science and innovation to support workforce development.

Steps outlined include power for local leaders through city governance offering political and economic clout for businesses operating in the North. Initiatives will centre on the removal of obstacles for growth and schemes to aid output and production.

This is great news for one of the North’s leading manufacturers, Kromek. Improved transport infrastructure will broaden their employee catchment area meaning more people will enter the region’s labour mark.

Plus, investment in science and innovation will encourage the development of business clusters; igniting ideas and spurring product development in local firms.

Dr Arnab Basu, CEO of Kromek Group comments “Focusing governmental effort on linking our cities will impact hugely on our business. We will have better connections to other businesses and suppliers and it will widen the commutable distance of our employees.”

“Investment in science in academia will result in the creation of innovators responsible for product innovation, leading to better products, more jobs and growth for our business. This will help to put Kromek at the forefront of manufacturing materials needed for radiation detection on a world wide scale.”

Chris Bone, Business Manager, NRG comments “This is great news for the region. Modern transport links will join our cities, investment in STEM education will create the innovators needed for the future and local controls will result in decision making which impacts directly on businesses in the North.”

“This focus on the Northern Powerhouse will complement the UK’s economy; creating jobs, developing our workforce and offering opportunities and security to people living here for years to come”.