North East manufacturing – a strong and growing sector

The North East manufacturing sector is strong and growing with the number of manufacturing companies in the region increasing by 3.9% to 4,235 businesses in 2017, the fastest growth within the UK*.

Despite recently losing it’s position as the only region in the UK to experience a positive balance of trade, the North East’s manufacturing sector continues to perform strongly accounting for almost 15% of the North East of England’s output, way above the national 10%.

The region’s advanced manufacturing sector now exports twice as many goods as we did in 2000, steadily climbing from £8.84 billion to £16.73 billion*. Our most globally influential sector for export is automotive, with other sectors including food and drink, aerospace and pharmaceutical.

With an average of 50,000 STEM students coming through our universities every year, 8.64% are studying engineering and technology related subjects, the highest proportion in any UK region*, providing us with one of the most sustainable workforces in the UK.

With so much to shout about, there has never been a better reason to be involved with the Manufacturing Growth Network (MGN); not least of all the fact that it is completely free for manufacturing businesses to join.

MGN highlights and celebrates those manufacturing businesses showing significant growth and provides an opportunity to benchmark performance and share best practice cross and vertical sectors.

Congratulations to all MGN members making the Top 10 tables of performing businesses; this quarter we are delighted to showcase North East manufacturers CMR, Tekmar, Tharsus and Unipres.

For further information on how to get involved with MGN please email here.

*Figures provided by Invest North East and EEF’s Regional Manufacturing Outlook