The need for strong leadership in a digital age


The world is becoming more digital and businesses need to follow suit. It’s not just websites, its mobile apps, controlling content, responsive design and maximising customer journeys plus many other aspects.

Even when business is ready to embrace such projects they can become a black hole of valuable time and misspent investment.

When it comes to digital projects it’s important to invest in employees who will take ownership and pride in these tasks. Skilled and experienced staff are needed to take the lead and maximise return for business.

Research shows that digital leaders partner more, accelerating time-to-market with technology enabled innovation, while sharing risk and expense.”  Tom Connolly, Global Media & Entertainment Transaction Advisory Services Leader, EY[1]

Systematic, methodical thinkers

The delivery of digital projects isn’t just about code. A leader needs to understand wider business objectives and should support projects with knowledge and knowhow on engaging consumers. Leaders need to plan to support the customer experience, considering how people interact with the digital extensions of the brand.

Businesses need to trust that the addition to their team will support business objectives and successfully help their business to evolve through digital turnaround. Business leaders should be filled with confidence; a strong digital leader should navigate your business through change. To do this a particular skill set and level of experience is required.

Finding the right candidate

Before considering investment in a digital leader businesses should consider why they are making this investment. Is there a need for an interim manager to support a one off campaign or is there a desire to embrace change where a definite lead is needed?

Digital business leaders will define business requirements and mark milestones; there is a need to understand the digital mediums available to business but not always the complex technical aspects needed for the project.

A well informed recruitment partner will spend time understanding the project and wider business objectives so that they can find the best fit for your talent requirements.

“Digital leaders accept and actively manage the strategic, operational and reputational risks of digital transformation, recognizing that standing still poses even greater threats” Digital Leadership Study Series from EY’s Global Technology Center and  Global Media & Entertainment Center[1]

Strong digital leaders

More often than not businesses see a lack of leadership in their IT department; employees are overwhelmed and lacking direction and so appoint a manager. However this will not always help to meet digital requirements. Employers need  to precisely define the digital leader’s responsibilities.  It’s important for digital leaders to understand the risks and challenges associated with each project. Recruitment consultancy will define your requirements by listening to problems and finding ways to revolutionise how your business works.

Digital business leaders will transform organisations into truly digital operations by embracing the strategies needed to achieve this.


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