What do the judges look for in an award winning contact centre?

As a judge for the North East, UK and European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards, I meet amazing people and hear fantastic examples of the great work that happens behind the scenes in the contact centre industry.

The judges are looking for the stars who are truly adding value to their people, their customers, their organisation and to the industry by raising standards and sharing best practice, looking for evidence of efficiency, effectiveness, experience and evolution for both colleagues and customers.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are writing your nomination:

Have you entered the right category? Think about what your main achievements have been and do yourself justice by entering the most relevant category. Also, bear in mind that you will need hard, quantifiable results to really wow the judges, if you can’t find these, it could be you’re entering the wrong category.

How do you benchmark against your competitors? How do you know that your performance is of an award winning standard? Are you comparing like for like? Look for stats and benchmarking reports from external operations of similar size/industry to your own.

How have your initiatives impacted the customer? Link it back to the customer – they are at the heart of everything we all do. Has the improvement in the customer experience been incremental or transformational? Do customers generally have a better or worse experience than they would with other contact centres?

What metrics are you using to measure how successful the solution/initiative has been? Have you delivered a significant benefit to the business either in savings, reassigned resources or increased revenues? Has it led to the operation being more efficient and effective?

Are you an industry leading role model? Does this initiative improve the image of our industry? Has the solution had a positive impact on the day to day role of the front line advisor? How do you measure that this is a great place to work?

With one week until entries close for this year’s NECCA – do YOU have the hidden stars that we the judges are looking for?

Julie Mordue, Client Relationship Manager of NRG and judge for NECCA, UKCCA & ECCCSA