GDPR: A Digital Marketing Manager’s perspective

“Marketing teams should not be surprised by GDPR, and it shouldn’t be too much of a communication change. As marketers, we have been dealing with PECR since back in the day, which is why you have seen the appearance of cookie consent buttons on websites, and unsubscribe links on all email marketing. Double opt in has been the norm in the likes of Germany for many years, and it is just good practice – it’s a safe standard to adopt.

“Certainly the likes of Google, the major CRM systems, emails services like Mailchimp and many other providers have changed their apps to implement the GDPR rules. Any that hasn’t may find that they are no longer used by marketing teams. Now, with all this publicity, there may well be cases where people are asking for their data to be withdrawn but why keep trying to sell to someone who doesn’t want to hear from you.”

NRG places Tony Hitchens into his new Digital Marketing role at Kromek

Tony Hitchens, Digital Marketing Manager, Kromek Group plc