Hyperdrive: Combining technology with production

Hyperdrive Innovation’s Managing Director of Operations Chris Pennison speaks to Julie Mordue, Client Relationship Manager at NRG about combining technology with production, increased productivity and innovative engineering projects which are already in line with the government’s ‘Building our Industrial Strategy’ green paper to deliver affordable energy and clean growth.

Hyperdrive Innovation is a disruptor to the technology marketplace, utilising market-leading lithium-ion battery technology to design, integrate and manufacture high performance energy systems for Electric Vehicles and Battery Energy Storage solutions.

Working in a diverse range of markets, Energy Storage, Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Automotive, Passenger Transport and Off-Highway Machines, such as Excavators and Airport Ground Vehicle Fleets; Hyperdrive Innovation already delivers solutions to complex, challenging applications to established OEMS and innovative new product developers.

Started in 2012, Hyperdrive is situated within a dedicated 700sq metre facility at the Future Technology Centre in Sunderland.  Their volume manufacturing operation for Li-ion energy storage systems opened in 2014 and is scaling up capacity for the production of up to 20,000 systems per annum.  With a total headcount of 40 which includes Research & Development, Project Management, Purchasing, Marketing and Manufacturing, they continue to increase production output and improve cost competitiveness.

The industrial strategy identifies delivering affordable energy & clean growth as one of the pillars to secure the economic benefits of becoming a low-carbon economy.  The mainstream automotive industry is leading the development of pure EV and hybrid powertrains.  Niche and off-highway vehicle manufacturers are reacting to market opportunities and low carbon policy changes, and Hyperdrive is currently undertaking two off-highway vehicle demonstrations with OEM partners.

The first project is the hybridisation of the powertrain of an aircraft push-back tractor and involves downsizing the diesel engine which will in turn reduce co2 emissions and improve security on the airfields.  The second is the design of an innovative zero emission lightweight electric mini compact sweeping machine for municipal and contractor use in town and shopping centres.

Chris says “The full scope of R&D, production and installation capabilities are kept in-house which enables us to deliver optimised energy systems that allow our customers to leverage a clear competitive advantage both in terms of ROI and speed-to-market.  Hyperdrive has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and we now have the foundations in place to commercialise our technology and supply a truly global marketplace.”

Julie Mordue adds “Hyperdrive Innovation is still a relatively young organisation that has experienced phenomenal growth.  Their evolution over the past 5 years to blend innovative  technology with highly responsive production and specialist engineering support, whilst keeping everything in-house is to be commended and a fantastic example of a business already aligned to build  the industrial strategy for the North.”