A career in marketing: Thea Scott, Marketing Manager, Bede Gaming

NRG recently had the pleasure of talking to Thea Scott, Marketing Manager at Bede Gaming. Thea has been in her role with Bede for two years now and when she arrived, there was no marketing department, and she has focused on setting this up herself.

Thea runs everything from brand awareness and internal marketing to communications and business development. Anything that can be done to raise the profile of the business and get more clients and employees interested in Bede falls within her remit.

As well as sharing some of the challenges she has faced in her role, Thea also shed some light on the benefits of new and emerging digital marketing capabilities and offers invaluable career advice to those just starting out on their own career in marketing.

What challenges have you faced in your marketing role?

I think to start off with, when you come into a company that doesn’t have a marketing department, it’s quite difficult to get people to understand the full importance of it and how marketing runs across the whole business rather than just being a standalone department.

My MD has really embraced it now, he comes from a tech background and he loves a challenge, so this is his new thing – he loves it, which is really useful. It’s always good if you can get someone who does actually get it and sees the importance of it.

I also think, when you’re new to a company, people want you to make an impact straight away, but with marketing it’s not just, I’ll do one thing, and everything changes overnight. It takes a while! It’s a lot of things working together across a number of different channels and over a lot of time to really build up that trust and respect with your audience. You want to sound genuine, which when you’re trying to sell something, is quite a challenge.

How has marketing changed in line with digital and tech advances?

The new technology that’s available now is really helping us to understand our audience and their journey. Customers now want a highly personalised journey and that’s what customers expect – and we do have the technology now to be able to track and measure that data.

If you’ve got an e-commerce site for instance, you know where your customers are coming from and you can tailor that experience depending on exactly what they’re looking for.

I think now it’s much more about the data side of things and analysing that, and really pushing brands to make sure that there is a personalised, human journey that appeals to their audience.

How would you describe your experience with NRG?

It’s been brilliant. I’ve been placed twice by NRG and I think there’s a lot of agencies around that say they specialise in sales and marketing roles – but from by experience I think NRG is really the only one that actually does specialise in sales and marketing roles.

What advice would you give to future marketeers?

Just have confidence in your ability to get on and do things!

I think the new generation coming through now are so good at just being like – I’m just going to try it – and I think that’s so important.

My generation maybe had too much respect for our elders! We were there to learn from them, we had nothing to offer and we were lucky to be in a job. Whereas, I wish I could of said to myself, just try something, just see what happens, really just trust in yourself.

I think that’s what has happened over the course of my career. Now I’ve got more confidence in doing that and now I’m like, well just try it and see. What’s the worst that can happen? We can sort it out! I think the new generation coming up have got such a great attitude towards that and they need to have more of that – just try it!