Eve Holder: A career path into social housing

NRG recently caught up with Director of Business Improvement and Influence at Thirteen, Eve Holder, about her career path into social housing.

Having started her education picking two very differing degrees at University in Psychology and Art, Eve’s career path was not an obvious one; but the ability to make a difference to people’s lives has remained key throughout each of her roles.

“I had a fantastic job in youth training, I was only twenty-one at the time working with people between 18 – 25 to give them self-confidence, training and belief to help get them into work and education.”

Having a natural ability and passion for the role, Eve continued on a similar path with her work at The National Trust: “I managed a community project in Teesside, working with young people expelled from school (NEETS), to older volunteers who had not worked for years.” Moreover, when asked whether her degree had helped in this role, Eve agreed: “Absolutely, the psychology element definitely contributed.”

Eve then moved to Mental Health Matters, a voluntary mental health service: “I started as manager of a day centre and worked my way up to become Deputy Director for the northern region. I had some wonderful learning there doing change programme work – it was my unofficial learning of change management.”

At the same time, Eve was also training herself in counselling and later hypnotherapy and NLP practice, which then leads her on to work for the NHS as an independent Change Management and Business Change Consultant.

With the help of NRG, Eve is now settled into her new role with social housing provider, Thirteen, who manage just under 34,000 homes in an area spanning North Tyneside to York, with the majority in the Tees Valley area. Her role as Director of Business Improvement and Influence at Thirteen sees her responsible for change management across four business areas; Research and Policy Development, Programme and Project Management, Service Improvement and Communications.

Eve is enthusiastic about the new career challenge ahead, commenting: “I’m really excited to join the company, it is a fantastic opportunity for me to help build on the already exceptional services delivered by Thirteen and its excellent reputation.

I am looking forward to the challenges and rewards ahead and helping to guide the organisation through the next phase of its development. Customers and staff are at the heart of everything we do and will be instrumental in helping us to shape the business.”