OGN Group

NRG was extremely efficient in the way they went about finding me employment and giving me information about the industry I was trying to go into. Having just left the armed forces after 9 years’ service I found the whole process very comforting and I felt confident that NRG would be place into a job that suited me very well. After only few weeks with NRG I had my first interview with OGN Group. YaLing Morley my contact at NRG was very forthcoming with information and anything that I wanted to know that she didn’t know already she swiftly found out for me. She called me the day before to check to see if was happy with the interview and then called me an hour or so after the interview to see how I think it went.  Then the next day she called again to say I had got the job and I have been employed here since. I have had no issues with NRG throughout my time so far. They are well organized and have always attended to my needs whenever I needed something. I hope to continue this for the foreseeable future.

Peter Daglish, IT Support Engineer, placed by NRG