Atom Bank

Atom will be the UK’s first truly digital bank. It will be a new and different type of bank which has been engineered to provide outstanding service and value for personal and for business customers. Atom has been “designed entirely for the digital age and will have none of the legacy issues of the past. Launching in 2015, Atom has selected NRG as their resourcing outsourcing partner.


“Atom selected NRG as their resourcing partner due to the expertise and capability in project management, extensive recruitment knowledge and the credibility of the NRG team, who will reflect Atom’s values and vision in the resourcing process”, Stewart Bromley Director, People & Customer Experience at Atom Bank


Recruitment is now underway in staged phases with start dates scheduled throughout 2014 and into 2015. Recruiting roles across the banking and customer experience spectrum for candidates who can demonstrate not only appropriate skills but are aligned with Atom’s values.


Interested applicants should contact