James Carss
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James Carss

Managing DirectorSpecialising in Executive Search & Selection

​James Carss is a Senior Recruitment Leader with more than 17 years’ experience working within Executive Search and Selection firms across the UK, Asia and North America.

​​​Experience and Track Record

Having spent his initial 7 years in London working with Financial Services clients including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays and Goldman Sachs he relocated to Hong Kong in 2005 and managed a global leading recruitment consultancy whilst continuing to cultivate relationships with HSBC, Citibank and Standard Chartered.

After 10 years in Asia, James became the director of a recruitment business in North America for 18 months. He relocated back to his native North East in 2016 to manage NRG’s core recruitment teams.

Board Exposure

James was an active member of the Executive Board that successfully sold the NRG business in December 2019 to the Galago Group. With considerable board level exposure, he brings valuable knowledge and insight into organisational behaviour and strategy during periods of business transformation, particularly during change and acquisition having overcome their unique set of challenges throughout his career.

Nolan Principles

As Specialist and Executive Search & Selection Director, James ensures that each assignment is carried out in accordance with the seven Nolan Principles.

He actively champions Diversity and promotes a culture of conscious inclusion and culture add into the Group's recruitment practice.

A precis of recent high-profile appointments personally handled by James include:

  • Chief Executive, North East Chamber of Commerce (NEECC)

  • Finance Director, Fintech

  • Head of Marketing, Fintech

  • Finance Director, Utilities

  • Head of Mortgage Operations, Financial Services

  • HR Director, Utilities

  • Head of Policy, Public Sector

  • Strategy Director and Finance Director, NHS Trust

James’ ethos is one of “lead by example”, demonstrating to his team daily the importance of building client and candidate relationships, and gaining industry knowledge to offer insight that reflects the current zeitgeist of Executive Search & Selection.

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