NRG places Process Engineer with global technology leader and materials specialist

NRG’s manufacturing team worked closely with candidate Dr Pier-Paolo Greco to help him find a new role that would be the next best step in his engineering career.

Recently placed as a Process Engineer with a global technology leader and materials specialist based in the North East, Dr Pier-Paolo shares his candidate experience and recruitment journey with NRG.

I’d like to say thank you in particular to Stephanie Foley who actually found me.

I’m grateful because I believe that NRG’s outstanding work was the background work.

I admit that I did not know that particular employer, but I’m convinced people at NRG did excellent work in trying to match the skills and expectations of the candidate, as well as the cultural fit.

I can honestly say that I was headhunted.

Stephanie and Stephen Gardner helped me with the process of buying in to the company and given the very strong connections that NRG has with that company, allowed me to become very much excited about this opportunity.

When I met the employer, I realised that there was a lot in common in terms of the skills, the culture and attitude.

I was followed step-by-step and given guidance by Stephanie and Stephen.

Ultimately, when I received the offer I was absolutely over the moon and I came back to actually thank personally the people who helped me with this journey.

Would you recommend NRG?

Absolutely, and this is not only because there was an extremely positive outcome.

The personalised approach, and as I said earlier the intensive background research, allowed me to be in front of a potential employer with every possible bit of information and insight that a candidate should have.

Certainly, I would 100% recommend NRG.

Dr Pier-Paolo Greco, Process Engineer