Atom Bank: Recruitment for business launch

Atom is a start-up bank, authorised in 2015 by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the PRA. Atom is designed specifically for the digital age, offering easy and convenient banking, along with unique and engaging ways to manage money.

Founded in 2014 and based in the City of Durham, the Atom team is growing at speed.

The Challenge
Hiring whilst launching a new business demands attention to detail when resources are stretched and comes with many challenges.

Given the start-up nature of the business and milestones for employee on-boarding, a partner with a comprehensive understanding of the financial services sector and RPO capabilities was required to coordinate recruitment against core objectives.

Recruitment was required across all parts of the business, including but not limited to:

• Risk Management & Mitigation
• Corporate & Operational Risk
• Marketing, Propositions & Intermediaries
• Customer Service Delivery
• Project Management
• Business Change & Development
• Operational Compliance & Auditing
• Management & Operational Delivery
• Technical (system testing, user experience, solutions, implementation and analysis)
• Human Resources & Organisational Development

The Approach – NRG’s RPO Solution
NRG was awarded the RPO contract, and successfully recruited a number of high profile appointments and operational staff to support the bank’s launch.

NRG invested heavily in understanding the business environment and Atom’s long-term objectives to ensure recruitment was aligned to core values. All of which was critical to the success of the staffing strategy.

Key Themes of the Partnership
NRG’s RPO model supported Atom from the very beginning and helped the bank to launch with 170 staff and add another 250 team members over the following three years.

The Solution delivered was designed for Atom; matching their culture, reflecting their values and supported by crafted candidate attraction and assessment campaigns tailored for the digital age.

New Business
NRG targeted candidates who were excited about working for a new venture, those looking to make a mark in business, with start-up mentality and the energy and enthusiasm to drive business forward.

Leveraging Deals
Research suggests that more often than not, and particularly in financial service sector, employees gravitate towards established businesses rather than considering whether the company is the best place for their professional development. With this in mind, an unquestionable proactive approach to recruitment was delivered where search was integral and dialogue with the right professionals key.

Unique Culture
Atom provide a unique working environment and whilst this may be appealing to some, it is different to traditional banking and not an easy sell to the typical FS candidate. It was important for NRG to create a strong team that understood and had faith in Atom’s mission and shared the same culture and values as the bank.

Employer Brand
Without a recognisable employer brand the value proposition had to be defined from the outset. This detailed what would be delivered by Atom as a business and what potential employees could expect. This helped to generate interest in the brand and drive applications for the roles available.

“Atom Bank selected NRG as their resourcing partner due to the expertise and capability in project management, extensive recruitment knowledge and the credibility of the NRG team, who reflected Atom’s values and vision in the resourcing process.”

Stewart Bromley, Chief Operating Officer, Atom Bank

NRG and Atom Bank recruitment partnership RPO