Product Manager

Product Manager

Requiring knowledge of business processes, product innovation, product development and data analysis - plus excellent communication and organisational skills – a Product Manager is integral to the business and performs vital work.

The role covers New Product Development and sourcing, as well as managing a portfolio of products from the existing range, and working closely with 3ADV to ensure the product meets specifications, however there is also a degree of customer and product research, enabling the Product Manager to work with relevant and specific data. Building up a portfolio of research and data on every product is crucial to the success of the product and product manager.

As a Product Manager you will:

  • take overall responsibility for the success of your product selection;

  • conduct robust product research prior to ordering to ensure the product is the best it can be, and meets customer requirements;

  • create timelines and roadmaps for introducing the product;

  • produce a product roadmap and work with other departments to manage it;

  • contribute towards product strategy, and work with E-commerce to highlight product features and selling points;

  • meet regularly with all stakeholders, including product quality, E-commerce, customer service;

  • collect and analyse user feedback;

  • gather and evaluate ideas and opinions;

  • plan new features and changes to a product based on research, feedback and analysis;

  • demonstrate new ideas and features to stakeholders;

  • attend events related to a product or sector;

  • support marketing campaigns;

  • inspire and enthuse colleagues and users of the product;

  • learn about users and a product's potential customers;

  • forecast sales potential of product and work with sales functions to ensure they are met;

  • research competitors and similar products.

This role is integral to the overall strategy and success of the company. Working alongside E-commerce you will make decisions over the future range, and the lifecycle stage of your products.

You will need to be:

  • knowledgeable about your products’ users and industry;

  • decisive, visionary and able to support your decisions through robust research;

  • flexible and adaptable as you'll be working in-depth with different business functions;

  • a good collaborator;

  • organised and able to work to deadlines and roadmaps;

  • a strong and clear communicator;

  • good at persuasion and negotiation;

  • able to analyse data and look for trends in the market and users' opinions and behaviour;

  • Fair and objective when making decisions.

It is important to focus on the following development areas:

  • knowledge of the sector and users through industry events and research;

  • organisational and project management skills;

  • Presentation and communication skills.

It is critical that a Product Manager works closely with all departments, particularly those responsible for the sales and promotion of a product, to ensure their sales forecasts are accurate but also that they are delivered upon. Just as important is the production and management of comprehensive product portfolios, which offer product insight, and reasoning for bringing a product into the business, and which can be updated throughout the product life cycle to ensure it is updated or replaced at the correct times.