Senior Software Engineer

  • Salary: £35,000 - £45,000
  • Job ID: 165147
  • Category: IT

Our client is an innovative venture capital backed tech team based in Newcastle and due to growth and expansion they are looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer.



You will be responsible for the following:


  1. Processes and infrastructure

    1. Setup servers requirements

    2. Install necessary server software

    3. Keep the server software up to date

    4. Setup and manage server monitoring tools

    5. Monitor servers performance

    6. Tweak servers performance accordingly

    7. Setup load balancing as necessary for the web servers and services

    8. Setup and maintain the deployment servers and tools

    9. Implement and monitor server security and firewalls

  2. Software development

    1. Contribute proactively to the technical solutions required to implement the functional specifications

    2. Give objective and realistic estimates for the tasks assigned

    3. Write functional, OOP oriented, scalable, multi-threading aware, maintainable, testable and reusable code

    4. Focus on reliability and technical standards

    5. Take the TDD approach where applicable

    6. Write unit tests where applicable

    7. Follow the coding standards and conventions that are most applicable and used within the technical department

    8. Discover and use cutting edge technologies and frameworks that shall help the Screach system, infrastructure and software competitive, reliable and scalable

  3. Database related tasks

    1. Develop efficient database client code which makes use of indexes and the database frameworks available

    2. Basic querying and database usage during developer testing, using a database client UI

  4. Technical specifications

    1. Contribute proactively to the technical specifications and to the test specifications

  5. Documentation

    1. Document code

    2. Write technical documentation



Salary: £35,000-£45,000 + excellent benefits.