Creative Director

Creative Director


We are on the lookout for a talented Creative Director to lead the growth and development of our brands.


You will devise a cohesive strategy to increase exposure and awareness in a highly competitive market. Ensuring brands have a consistent look and feel across multiple marketing and media channels. You will monitor and analyse their performance, with the ultimate aim of creating r ecognisable and effective national brands.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Drive the direction and development of the creative strategy, from planning to execution, ensuring alignment with wider business goals.

  • Conceiving and implementing creative concepts and guidelines for our brands.

  • Work closely with the product development and marketing teams to ensure all products and campaigns are developed inline with branding concepts and guidelines.

  • Actively seek to understand relevant trends in the online gaming industry including customer requirements, industry developments, market landscape and new regulations.


Skills & Experience:

  • Experienced creative thinker working in a senior level role, who can demonstrate previous success of creating and shaping brands - taking them to the next level.

  • Proven leadership skills, can lead and inspire people across the business.

  • Exceptional communication skills, can work efficiently and effectively with both internal and external stakeholders to produce the desired outcomes

  • Relevant market knowledge, know and understand the world of marketing and advertising.

  • Industry experience seen as a benefit but by no means essential


Salary: Competitive