Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager



  • Responsible for the strategic direction of all marketing activity in all markets in which the company operates

  • Responsible for developing and implementing the marketing mix for each product offering

  • Establish a clear and cohesive brand proposition

  • Contribute to the overall strategy, performance and profitability of the company



  • Work closely with key stakeholders, such as Sales and Business Development, to determine business objectives and strategy for delivery.

  • Lead the development of brand strategy and articulate the desired brand positioning

  • Lead the alignment of the marketing plan to the strategic goals of the business

  • Lead the development of channel or partnership marketing plans to meet evolving customer needs and business goals

  • Lead, direct and develop an integrated marketing communications strategy to communicate with all stakeholders

  • Lead the embedding of digital capability into marketing strategy to the benefit of the customer

  • Implement the full marketing mix to better match products and services to customer needs and wants

  • Be responsible for all personnel within the department, overseeing career development, training and motivation

  • Lead commercial team in the development of customer value propositions and identify strategic opportunities for innovation

  • Lead the digital marketing strategy to ensure marketing reach is globally effective

  • Lead and promote the use of metrics to improve marketing effectiveness

  • Lead and control the activities that improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction

  • Liase with external agencies to improve the delivery of the marketing strategy

  • Continually identify quality and service improvements and ensure these are integrated into future activities.

  • Develop insights about the organisation, its environment and its customers that impact business decisions.

  • Oversee the activities of the department on a daily basis and be accountable to the Managing Director (Joint) for its performance

  • Provide a monthly report on the performance of the marketing department identifying trends, areas of interest and areas for improvement



Managing Director



5 days per week, Full Time, Permanent


PERSON SPECIFICATION: Experience & qualifications



  • 5-7 years experience in marketing

  • Ability to think strategically and deliver project goals

  • Strong leadership and influencing skills

  • Excellent internal and external communication skills - verbal, written, formal presentations

  • Ability to multitask and manage programmes across diverse product and industry groups

  • An in-depth understanding of marketing strategy and a good appreciation of all elements of the marketing mix

  • An in-depth understanding of digital marketing

  • Commercial experience and know-how

  • Ability to build networks with new customers and in new markets

  • Energetic and passionate with the ability to work under pressure

  • Be able to work both independently and as part of a team

  • Ability to motivate and influence people at all levels

  • Available to travel globally as required

  • Full driving licence



  • Degree in a commercial discipline

  • Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

  • Experience in a product management role

  • A clean driving licence

  • Excellent networker with a strong existing network of clients and prospects

  • Experience in a high performance sales or business development role