Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Modern Slavery

NRG is strongly committed to ensuring that our organisation is free from slavery, human trafficking or other forms of exploitation.

At NRG, we operate a rigorous recruitment selection process for all our own and clients hiring decisions which include obtaining documented proof of the individual’s right to work in the country in which they will be employed.

Our supplier and client base are carefully chosen and regularly reviewed to ensure that we only partner with like minded companies who share our values and aims. To achieve this, our work is always supported by appropriate contracts and we do not pay or accept cash for services.

Our Group’s full policy can be accessed HERE


NRG is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees and strives to provide a fair and equal working environment in which our employees can thrive. NRG recognises that diversity and experience in the workplace is key to providing the high quality services we are recognised for. We are committed to paying our male and female employees performing an equivalent role the same wage.

NRG aims to offer competitive compensation and benefits and our in house payroll team is able to provide support and guidance to our client’s temporary workforce to ensure that they are fairly remunerated.

Personal data & GDPR

In order to provide recruitment services to clients and candidates, NRG is required to gather and process personal information such as names, addresses and employment history.

NRG is committed to the new GDPR legislation and ensuring that any personal data is used correctly, safely stored and not shared without consent. NRG continually reviews procedures and systems to ensure that personal data is being correctly used and was recently awarded cyber essentials certification as part of our GDPR compliance project.

Full details of how personal data is collected and how it is used is set out in our Privacy Policy.

Quality and integrity of personnel

The integrity and competence of our team is ensured through high recruitment standards, provision of training and development and maintaining our ISO9001 certification. High-quality personnel are seen as vital to providing the excellent customer service our clients have come to expect from NRG.

Section 172 Statement

Our Group Section 172 Statement can be accessed HERE