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Working at Calsonic Kansei

Continuous improvement and team work are everyday life at Calsonic Kansei. All workers are expected to work in collaboration with each other, striving to improve the performance of the business. Calsonic Kansei's vision is to be a global automotive company, inspired to be world-leading in innovation and Monozukuri, while contributing to a sustainable society. Calsonic Kansei believe that all workers, employer or otherwise, play a role in helping achieve its vision.

Calsonic Kansei's mission is:

We create the strongest world-wide automotive supplier brand by cohesively blending our diverse cultures into one dynamically agile team.

We are persistent to invest in the Calsonic Kansei core values generating pride, passion, and loyalty in all of our team members.

World Leading Innovation
We harness creativity and a Monozukuri spirit from our team members to be first-to-market with high quality products and processes for our customers.

Sustainable Society
We are committed to be a socially responsible corporate citizen that brings value to our shareholders, communities, and team members.

Job Opportunities